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Develop innovative solutions to challenging financial problems for consumers worldwide, using one of the world’s most unique financial data sets at huge scale.

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Explore new possibilities in AI and ML to deploy innovation at a massive scale, helping over 50 million customers confidently make more money in less time.

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Apply the most advanced tools in emerging technologies to fintech, from natural language processing to deep learning to predictive intelligence.

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How AI Can Help Build Resiliency for Small Businesses in a Global Economic Crisis


Join Nhung Ho, Director of Data Science for Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group, as she shares how Intuit AI has applied artificial intelligence and large-scale machine learning to help small businesses around the world overcome the challenges of cash flow forecasting and capital access to build financial resilience in turbulent times.


Date & Time: August 25th: 1-3pm PT | 4-6pm ET
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Tax Knowledge Graph for a Smarter and Personalized TurboTax


Accepted by the International Workshop on Knowledge Graph (co-hosted by KDD 2020).


Speakers: Jay Yu, Saikat Mukurjee, Kevin McCluskey


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Machine Learning in Finance


The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss both the problems faced by the financial industry and potential solutions. Below are the 2 papers accepted in this workshop.


1. Personalized Welcoming Messages in Conversational Chatbots via Time Aware Self-Attentive Models.
Speakers: Homa Foroughi, Chang Liu, Pankaj Gupta


2. A Unified Machine Learning Framework for Targeting Financial Product Offerings.
Speakers: Shankar Sankararaman, Debasish Das, Deepesh Ramachandran Vijayalekshmi, Babak Aghazadeh


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Powering Prosperity with Data Science

See how Intuit leverages tools like AI, ML, and NLP to help millions of Americans achieve financial freedom.

Intuit Data Science Resources

When it comes to data and technology, we’ve got a lot on our minds. Here’s some of our latest thinking.

Hear from our data science team

Heather Simpson

Staff Data Scientist - QuickBooks



Heather is exploring new ways to use ML to help our customers thrive. By using data to build a more complete picture of their financial lives, she uncovers valuable insights that pave the way for innovative new product features. For Heather, there’s nothing more satisfying helping customers feel more financially confident.

Joy Rimchala

Staff Data Scientist, Machine Learning Futures Group



Joy helps millions of Intuit customers uncover new opportunities that can improve their financial lives. Using AI and ML, Joy and the Intuit data science team open up new possibilities for our customers — from making more informed decisions on whether to buy a house to making the difference in securing a small business loan.

Conrad De Peuter

Senior Data Scientist - Machine Learning Futures Group


Conrad leverages tools like natural language processing and machine learning to help tax analysts and small business owners use TurboTax and QuickBooks more efficiently. For Conrad, Intuit is a great place to learn, grow, and take full ownership of your career path.