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Intuit Climate Action Marketplace

Intuit wants to help you reduce your business’ day-to-day carbon footprint.

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Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Make your business activities eco-friendly. Solutions include sustainable office supplies, renewable energy, climate-friendly commuting and more.

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Pursue Cost Savings

Being sustainable at work and at home can have a positive impact on your finances. These solution providers are offering discounts, exclusive savings or other advantages to get you started today.

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Engage Customers

On average, more than 50% of consumers² buy from companies that are conscious and supportive of protecting the environment. Engage these consumers by moving toward more sustainable operations.


Transition to renewable energy and become more energy efficient.

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EnergySage simplifies the solar shopping process for your home or business– whether you rent or own!

Special offer: Cashback for solar options⁵

*US only

Allumia logo


Make energy efficiency easy and save up to 35% on your energy bill³ with no upfront capital costs.

Special offer: Donation made to a climate action fund at sign up⁵

*US only

Octopus Energy for Business logo

Octopus Energy for Business

Switch to Octopus Energy for Business and get 100% green electricity with great customer service!

Special offer: £25 donation to The Blue Marine Foundation for every sign up⁵

*UK only

Transportation, Travel & Commute

Find commuting and travel options that reduce your carbon footprint.

Goodwings logo


A sustainable hotel booking site that helps calculate and remove the CO2 emissions from your travel.

Special Offer: 20% off for the first year

Edenred logo


Edenred helps small businesses save on payroll taxes and go green with micro-mobility, public transit, and parking.

Special offer: 30% off service fee

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Octopus Electric Vehicles

Save money with business car leasing. Car, charging, servicing, tyres, & 5,000 free miles. The lot.

Special offer: 200 extra miles free public charging with Octopus Electric Universe

*UK only

Food Waste

Find partners that can prevent your excess food from going to waste and contributing to landfills.

Too Good To Go logo

Too Good To Go

Connect your business with customers looking to buy surplus food with the #1 anti-food waste app⁴.

Special offer: Annual fee waived for 1st year

Sustainable Office Supplies

Make the switch to eco-friendly supplies and material vendors for your business.

Red-Inc logo


Red-Inc is a UK’s leading sustainable office supplies company that puts innovation, service, and sustainability at the heart of everything.

Special offer: Up to 80% off pricing offer

*UK only

Packaging & Shipping

Pack and ship your products more sustainably.

Sendle logo


Sendle is a 100% carbon-neutral shipping carrier specifically designed for small businesses, with low flat-rates across the US.

Special offer: Free upgrade to Sendle Premium

*US only

The Better Packaging Co. Logo

Better Packaging Co.

Sustainable eCommerce packaging for your business needs: choose from compostable, recyclable, and made from 100% ocean-bound plastic pollution!

Special offer: 15% off range of products

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Sustainable, emission-free deliveries across the UK using bikes, cargo bikes, and electric vehicles.

Special offer: 50% off first 10 deliveries

*UK only

Circular Economy

Find innovative options to reduce, reuse, recycle your “stuff”.

Rheaply logo


Make finding, swapping, renting, receiving, and donating any physical resource within your small business community easy.

Special offer: Free standard subscription for one year

Pay it Forward

Use your spare pennies to plant trees.

Aspiration / Plant Your Change logo

Aspiration / Plant Your Change

Plant Your Change turns your spare change into trees. Sign up by enrolling any credit or debit card.

Special offer: Bonus tree planting at sign up

*US only

Hazardous Waste & Refrigerants

Reduce the possibility of harmful gases being released into the atmosphere by appliances or other equipment.

Tradewater logo


Tradewater is a mission-based company that collects, controls, and destroys your old refrigerants.

Special offer: Get paid for refrigerants, and additional discounts

Frequently asked questions

Coming Soon!

More solutions to help you reduce the environmental impact of your day-to-day activities are coming soon.

Reach out to our team to let us know how we can continue to help you take action

If you would like your company to be considered as a solution provider in the Intuit Climate Action Marketplace, or if you have feedback on the experience, please reach out to our team.

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It’s time to tackle climate change.

We’re proud to partner with like-minded organizations to make sustainability easier for small businesses. Just like these products can solve day-to-day challenges, look to QuickBooks for a low impact accounting solution.

As you invest in solutions to reduce your own carbon footprint, you’re joining a global network of Intuit employees, customers and community members on their own journey to positively impact the planet.