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Our Climate-Positive Commitment

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Our mission to power prosperity around the world includes taking care of our planet. We’re moving towards solutions that reverse the impact of climate change to take collective positive steps to save our planet. 

It’s not enough to do less harm. It’s about moving beyond minimizing harm toward maximizing benefit. This means looking beyond our own operational footprint and using our scale and resources to empower our employees, customers and communities to join us in our commitment to be climate-positive

Throughout this decade, we are committed to not only doing more as a company to combat the negative effects of climate change but we’re committed to inspiring collective action through programs that provide better access to sustainable solutions which are traditionally out of reach for many people and communities.

Our bold climate positive goals

Our latest climate-positive goal aims to surpass carbon neutrality by 50x to positively impact the planet and create a better future for all.

Using our 2018 carbon footprint metric as a baseline (40,000 metric tonnes), we committed to reducing carbon emissions by 50 times greater than our 2018 carbon footprint (2 million metric tonnes) by 2030, equal to taking more than 430,000 cars off the road for one year. 

This goal provides solutions for employees, customers and communities, accelerated by strategic partnerships. Throughout this decade, we will look to expand offerings across these stakeholder groups to drive significant impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and avert the worst impacts of climate change.

Empowering our employees

Our Intuit Sustainability Champions are a team of passionate employees from our sites around the world, who educate and inspire our team to take action and build a more sustainable future. They lead events and build opportunities that positively shape our campuses and communities.

Intuit’s nearly 10,000 employees can now leverage their $1,000 wellness benefit for sustainability-related expenses, including home solar, electric vehicles, electric bikes, energy efficiency, water conservation, composting systems and more.

In 2021, we partnered with the United Kingdom’s largest renewable energy provider, Octopus Energy, to provide alternative energy solutions, including solar, wind and water to our Intuit UK employees. We’re continuing to explore more ways that we can support our employees to be even more sustainable both at work and at home.

Supporting our customers and communities 

Our customers – individuals, families, self-employed, and small businesses – are the most vulnerable and least resilient to the current and future impacts of climate change. Small businesses make up half of the U.S. and global economy and are almost exclusively left out of the equation when solving for climate change. 

We’re applying our unique approach to problem-solving and innovation to explore sustainability solutions designed specifically for our small business customers, such as sustainable shipping and access to renewable electricity. These solutions have the combined benefits of providing financial savings while reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition to supporting our employees, our partnership with Octopus Energy helps enable our QuickBooks Online (QBO) customers in the UK to access alternative energy solutions, including solar, wind and water.

We’re also working within economically disadvantaged communities, including Prosperity Hub communities, to conduct utility audits and provide new sustainability solutions such as access to clean energy, that will also benefit the financial well-being of the communities. 

In addition, Purely Green, our innovative partnership with RPD Energy to provide discounted renewable energy access in Texas, has gained momentum in surprising ways since its launch in April 2018. Intended for Texas residents for their homes and small businesses, it expanded to include several corporate entities including LG Electronics and REI. 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Intuit and we’re inspired to find even more solutions that help our customers save money while helping to save the planet.

Innovative Partnerships

We’re passionate about providing and accelerating sustainability solutions with our strategic partners, empowering change for key stakeholders including education partners, financial institutions and sustainability-focused small businesses. 

In April 2020, we achieved our internal operational footprint goals including 100% renewable electricity for our global operations. We were able to achieve this goal a decade early through a partnership with Clearway Energy Group to develop additional renewable energy capacity at Mesquite Star Wind Farm in Fisher County, Texas. By participating in an aggregated virtual purchase power agreement (VPPA), Intuit helped pioneer a shared services model that delivers cost-positive renewable energy to Intuit and other corporations. 

Project Drawdown has helped us shape our strategy, narrow our focus and select high-impact climate solutions. Now in conjunction with the other Drawdown Labs members, we will be focusing on innovation and financing within the highest impact climate solutions, including regenerative agriculture and reducing food waste, in addition to solutions like refrigerant management. 

We’re working with global education nonprofit Enactus to support the Climate Action Grand Challenge which kicked off at the 2020 World Cup. Students from around the world are participating by solving problems in their local communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a positive social impact. 

We’re thrilled to find other like-minded organizations on our journey to help reverse climate change and the partnerships we’re forming will only amplify our progress.

A more sustainable future

We want to be a catalyst to scale climate solutions quickly and equitably.  

The next decade is critical to ensuring our planet and communities remain safe and livable– and we’re rolling up our sleeves to find and implement the most impactful cross-sectoral solutions at Intuit and for our employees, customers, communities and partners. Together, we can take steps to save our planet.