Our return-to-work plan: We're committed to the health and safety of employees and their families.  Learn More

Our return-to-work plan: We're committed to the health and safety of employees and their families. 

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Gain bookkeeping expertise. Angela, Neil and Melissa sitting at their desks, smiling.

Your accounting path, your way.

Expand your expertise and personalize your tax & bookkeeping career.

Expert Bookkeeper training for you.

Expert Bookkeeper training for you.

Get certified with online Intuit training to help you start your career as a virtual bookkeeper.


A personalized employment path to fit your needs

As an Intuit expert, you can personalize your career in a variety of ways, and take on unique and challenging customer problems across multiple products and disciplines. We have seasonal, year round and full-time opportunities available and are committed to your growth and development. Watch our experts share their own professional journeys.

Seasonal to year round tax expert

Diana wanted to grow her skills, but without giving up her own practice. By joining Intuit as a select-time employee, she's able to maintain her own business while learning from and working alongside a diverse team of experienced tax and bookkeeping professionals.


Sr. Tax Expert, TurboTax Live

We’re committed to your accounting career growth.

Whether you're a Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer, Financial Planner, EA, CPA, or Tax Attorney, join a supportive, innovative, and inclusive team. Find the tools and training you need to thrive, all while you pursue your personalized career path.

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Learning culture at Intuit

Choose the training that interests you and you’ll get the resources, support, and encouragement you need to build your professional skills inside a collaborative culture. Not only will you work alongside credentialed experts, but as you grow in your role through training, certifications and more, you can open new career paths in taxes, bookkeeping or financial advice.

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Expert growth path

Intuit provides growth and development opportunities that support your career journey and goals. You’ll have the flexibility to change paths and solve customer problems as an accounting expert for TurboTax, QuickBooks, or Mint. Join us and find roles as a Tax, Bookkeeping, or Financial Expert, Lead, or Manager.

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Intuit bookkeeping training

The Intuit Bookkeeper program on Coursera covers the foundations and principles of bookkeeping and prepares you for a job as a virtual bookkeeper within the Intuit Expert Network.

Be part of Intuit's growing team of virtual experts

We have rewarding career opportunities for you. Whether or not you’re credentialed, you’ll find seasonal, full-time and flexible-scheduling options that fit your needs.

Seasonal employment with Intuit

We're looking for tax professionals to join our team for the season (December -April). When you commit to the entire season, you can choose to work 20-29 hours per week or 30+.

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A top-rated employer for tax experts and bookkeepers

Intuit Glassdoor Rating

Intuit employee talking on a headset
"At Intuit every employee matters....there isn’t a day where you feel under appreciated....we felt as though our manager gave us a sense of belonging. The group consisted of employees who were elected officials, lawyers, students, CPAs, and EAs. Despite everyone’s status we were all treated equal. I highly encourage anyone to with tax experience or an accounting background to apply. There’s so many opportunities for growth."
Full Service Tax Preparer
Intuit employee talking on a headset
"So many opportunities just in the short amount of time I've worked here. I have witnessed how this company and its employment has worked out for my fellow co-workers who are part time or have their own separate practices and for people like myself who are full time. It is flexible to your needs while still being able to balance theirs."
Intuit employee talking on a headset
"Great company to work for and leading the industry! Even as a remote employee, Intuit includes you, and makes it feels like one giant family! Intuit is on the cutting edge of the accounting industry, and there is tons of room for career growth. Intuit invests in their employees and give us all to tools to grow and further our careers, even if it isn't with Intuit!"

Intuit expert resources and articles

Intuit Expert - Neil

My tax and bookkeeping career took off at Intuit

Neil Balanay is a CPA qualified accountant with 18 years of industry experience, who has worked for leading players in the accounting industry, including two of the Big Four firms.Yet, his current and proudest role is for Intuit that has successfully navigated the changes brought by the pandemic. More so, it has advantageously positioned him ready for a rapid career trajectory.

Wayne, working on his computer, wearing his headset

Reworking success: Designing your own accounting and finance career journey at Intuit

Wayne discovered Intuit offered a career path with flexibility, prestige, and professional growth.

Employee sitting at her desk, facing the window

How Intuit Can Help Your Career Thrive In the Remote Work Era

Learn how you can do more with your career through Intuit online training. Become a Certified Tax Preparer or Certified Bookkeeper — and discover how your potential is limitless.