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What's it like working at Intuit?

Intuit brings TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp to market, trusted products used by over 100 million customers globally. We strive to create a workplace environment onsite and remote that gives employees the freedom to do the best work of their lives.

Watch this short video to learn why tax experts and bookkeepers come back to work at Intuit year after year.

Meet our tax experts and bookkeepers

Urounda - Senior Manager, TurboTax Live

Right after I got through training, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer... My team supported me and I was able to take her to each and every one of her treatments... and see her through to being breast cancer free. I am so grateful to Intuit because not only did my manager rally to support me but my peers did too. Intuit cares!

Urounda Senior Manager, TurboTax Live
Mandi Carter,  TurboTax Live, Manager 1 & Military Spouse

My favorite benefit is the remote work. I've been with Intuit for over 5 duty stations and I've never had to change my career - not once! And that is priceless!

Mandi Carter TurboTax Live, Manager 1 & Military Spouse
Kent - Manager, TurboTax Live

I've spent the last 3 years managing enrolled agents, CPAs, and tax attorneys as they give advice to our customers. It's turned out to be extremely rewarding and a great opportunity for people retiring from a full-time career.

Kent Manager, TurboTax Live
Diana - Sr. Tax Expert, TurboTax Live

The flexibility with the work hours and the support you're provided with is unparalleled. Whether you have another full-time or part-time job, a full-time tax practice like I do, or trying to manage other life responsibilities and family commitments, you can mold your schedule into something that fits your lifestyle.

Diana Sr. Tax Expert, TurboTax Live
Wayne - Manager, QuickBooks Live

I have made hundreds of connections with other Intuit Live agents, which has led to increased visibility with potential clients and made an impact on the growth of my business.

Wayne Manager, QuickBooks Live

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For Tax Experts

Intuit Expert working from her home office, smiling at the camera

Job requirements

Intuit hires tax professionals with a minimum of 1 year of tax experiences up through Sr. Leads (credentialed and non-credentialed). Bilingual in Spanish is a plus. Current qualifications for tax roles include:

  • Tax Preparation Assistant: Minimum 1 season tax experience and excellent customer service
  • Tax Associate: Minimum 3+ seasons paid tax experience and minimum 30+ tax returns prepared per season
  • Credentialed Tax Expert: Minimum 3+ seasons paid tax experience and minimum 30+ tax returns prepared per season and active credential as CPA, EA or Practicing Attorney
  • Must reside in the continental 50 states

As part of our Talent Community, you will hear from us about job opportunities as they occur!

Don't have the tax experience? We've got you covered. Check out the "training" tab to find out how you can get the training you need via Intuit Academy that can replace the required experience needed.

Resources for tax experts

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My Tax and Bookkeeping Career Took Off at Intuit, Where Empathy Skills are Valued as Equally as my Experience

Learn about Neil Balanay's experience as a TurboTax Live Manager at Intuit. “Intuit attracted me because not only can I utilise my CPA and keep up my tax credentials but the role allowed me the flexibility to take care of my kids."

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Discover the Advantages of Seasonal Tax and Accounting Employment

Hear from Angela Sommersville on the opportunities working as a seasonal tax expert for TurboTax Live has offered her career. “I have an amazing seasonal career that may be a great fit for you with your tax knowledge. It’s remote, it’s convenient, it gives you the opportunity to set your own schedule with different time slots. Intuit works around your life and I’ve loved my experience with the company.”

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How to Work Part Time in Tax Prep

Whether you’re looking to work part-time throughout the year or full-time for a few months during the busy season, tax preparation can be very flexible and rewarding work.

For Bookkeepers

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Bookkeeping jobs at Intuit

Intuit hires bookkeepers with a minimum of 1 year of QuickBooks Online experience up through Sr. Leads. Bilingual in Spanish is a plus. Current qualifications include all of the following

• Active QuickBooks Online certification.

• 3+ years managing the books for a small business

• One of the following (preferred): Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance; Active CPA or CPB credential

• Must reside in the United States

Don't have the bookkeeping experience? We've got you covered. Check out the "training" tab to find out how you can get the training and certification with the Intuit Bookkeeping Certification. It will replace the experience required to work at Intuit.

Bookmark this page to find out about upcoming job opportunities with QuickBooks Live.

Resources for bookkeepers

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Shape Your Accounting Career Your Way with the Intuit Expert Network

Looking to grow your professional experience, engaging with new clients in new situations? Ready for the next challenge as your accounting career revs up or winds down, or seeking a full-time job as a bookkeeping professional? The Intuit Expert Network offers the perfect opportunity to shape your career—transforming your journey to fit your wants, goals, and lifestyle.

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Advance Your Accounting Career with Intuit’s AI-driven, Intuitive Technology Platform

The Intuit Expert Network is your opportunity to achieve your optimal work/life balance from your home office, while enabling you to connect and collaborate virtually with peers and expand your knowledge. And you’ll do it all through a powerful, unified technology platform that provides a seamless experience. Take a look at how the Intuit platform can help you do what you do better—so you can open new career opportunities and guide customers toward better financial outcomes.

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Every small business deserves a thousand experts on its side

Michaela Schoonover on being part of a national network: "We have a team Slack channel with hundreds of bookkeepers, team leads, and managers available anytime. Being able to ask a question and knowing that there’s always someone who knows the answer helps me learn faster and serve my clients better."

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Intuit

Our commitment to DEI is foundational to our company and explicit in our values as we work to create an environment where employees can do the best work of their lives. We’re incredibly proud to be recognized for our work supporting employees across the board.

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