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SelectTime employees

Amazing benefits to live your best life

We support our employees by offering benefits you need to stay healthy, achieve financial security, and enjoy peace of mind for you and your family.


SelectTime Employees

These benefits are for Select time employees in the United States only. If you are Regular Full-time or Seasonal, click the appropriate button above.



The Cigna Select PPO plan provides a comprehensive range of benefits to cover your health care needs, including prescription drugs, immunizations, vaccines and hospital stays.

If you live in Hawaii, you are eligible to enroll in the Kaiser Hawaii HMO medical plan.


Keep your teeth in tip-top shape with the help of our Aetna dental plan.

Advocacy support

Personalized benefits guidance from someone who thoroughly understands your Intuit benefits and can help you find a doctor, learn the cost of a procedure, address claim issues and more.


Keep seeing clearly with the help of Vision Service Plan (VSP), which has the most extensive network of optometrists and vision care specialists in the country.


Save money, time and a trip to the doctor with the telemedicine programs offered by Cigna or Kaiser (in Hawaii).

Transgender benefits 

Get medical coverage for a wide range of gender-transition services and procedures including direct access to a dedicated Gender Affirmation Support Team that supports the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ and transgender communities.

Health care flexible spending account (FSA)

Save money on medical care by paying for eligible health care expenses with tax-free dollars. You decide how much to contribute - from $26 to $3,050 per year.

Talk with someone

Access 12 free, confidential counseling sessions (by phone or in person) per fiscal year, through Lyra Health. Cigna also offers virtual counseling services through their its telemedicine programs.

Second opinion services

Call Expert Medical Opinion to get a second opinion from a qualified physicial who specializes in your specific medical issue. There’s no cost and no appointment.

Time away


Slow down, relax and recharge with vacation. In addition to a flexible working schedule, you can accrue up to 40 vacation hours per year.


Take off your birthday to celebrate you, as scheduled with your manager.


You’ll be paid time and a half for all hours worked on an Intuit holiday. If you don’t work on a holiday, you are not eligible for holiday pay.

Sick Time

Time off to focus on your physical or mental health. Sick time accrues at one hour per every 30 hours worked.

Recharge days 

Get a week off at the end of the year during this company-wide time off so you can unplug from work, rest and recharge.

Pay and Ownership

Base pay

A market competitive salary, plus the opportunity to earn annual increases.


You may be eligible to enjoy the rewards of success through our bonus plans based on employee and company performance.


You may be eligible to purchase Intuit stock at a discount (rules apply).

Pay equity

Fundamental to our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, we perform ongoing pay equity analysis and evaluate bi-annually.


Employees are the fuel that drives our achievements. You may be eligible for real-time recognition and rewards.

Financial well-being

401(k) retirement plan 

Build your long-term financial security. Intuit matches $1.25 for every $1 you contribute, up to 6% of your eligible pay, up to $10,000 a year. You own 100% of Intuit’s contributions immediately.

Financial counseling and tools

Get 30 minutes of consulting with a financial coach through Lyra Health, learn how to achieve your money goals by taking courses through Financial Knowledge, and more.

Employee stock purchase plan

Own a piece of Intuit and save for your future by purchasing Intuit stock at a minimum 15% discount.

Legal insurance

Access a nationwide network of attorneys who can advise and represent you if you’re dealing with a rental dispute, a home purchase, the preparation of a will or other situations in which you could use legal guidance.

Life and accident insurance

Prepare for the unexpected. Intuit provides you with basic life and accidental death dismemberment (AD&D) insurance in the amount of $50,000.


Enjoy Intuit-exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services.

Family support

Adoption assistance 

Get reimbursed up to $30,000 per child, up to a lifetime maximum of two children, for eligible expenses.

Backup care

Have peace of mind knowing someone will always be there for your child or elderly loved one, even at a moment’s notice, with Bright Horizons.

Special needs therapies

Intuit medical plans cover applied behavioral analysis (ABA), physical, speech and occupational therapies.

Fertility benefits

Get help starting your family. All Intuit medical plans cover testing and treatment for underlying conditions as well as testing to determine the cause of infertility and procedures to restore fertility.

Surrogacy assistance

Get reimbursed up to $30,000 per child, up to a lifetime maximum of two events, for eligible surrogacy-related expenses.

Dependent care FSA

Set aside money - tax free - to pay for child care, school holiday care and summer camps until your child’s 13th birthday, or beyond your child’s 13th birthday if he or she is disabled. You can contribute $26-$5,000 per fiscal year.

Path to parenthood support

Virtual family planning services, including pregnancy, fertility, egg freezing, adoption, surrogacy and more.

Physical well-being

Well-being hub & activity program

Personalize your wellness journey with the Well-being Hub, powered by Virgin Pulse. With the Activity Program, get rewarded for your healthy habits by tracking your activity, taking a health assessment and participating in Intuit’s corporate challenges.

Hinge Health (Muscle and joint care)

Get access to a personalized exercise program and your own care team — and overcome joint and muscle pain.

Flu shots

Protect yourself from the seasonal flu. Intuit’s medical plans cover in-network preventive care - including flu shots - at 100%. Get yours at an in-network pharmacy near you.

Emotional well-being

Mindfulness and resilience

Improve your mindfulness, focus and sleep through RethinkCare’s video and audio sessions with industry experts. RethinkCare can be accessed through Virgin Pulse.

Talk with someone

Access 12 free, confidential counseling sessions (by phone or in person) per need, per fiscal year, through Lyra Health. Virtual counseling services through the medical and telemedicine programs are also available.